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Extreme activities movement.


Born from the polar opposite worlds of skydiving and cave diving.
Essential for both activities, air is either the means that allows us to explore submerged caves or the element in which we express ourselves in the sky.


We are an original lifestyle garment and accessory company focusing on producing legit bespoke rags for the extreme sports fashion industry.


Phreshair is worn and used daily in both the skydiving and cave diving arenas but are designed to be comfortable and trendy to wear out after a long day of adrenaline pumping activities. 

Phreshair also designs and produces accessories like pull-up cords, wind blades, storm flags, stickers to help you get your brand across all medias.


Phreshair was created in 2009 by Fordesign while developing the brand of Skydive Dubai and since then we have helped numerous companies expand their reach in their own targeted audiences.

We invite you to browse our portfolio and see for yourself the extent of what we can do for you. FORDESIGN.COM


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